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Female Owned & Roasted

   Ti Your goal is our goal! Our mission is to help all you awesome people start your day off right and reach your peak. That is why we roast ethically sourced, craft coffees in a variety of roast profiles . From dark, bold & smoldering blends — to light & fruity single origin roasts. We have the perfect coffee for you.


Work coffee into your self care routine:

+shake off the sleepys 

+with best friends & good talks

+as motivation to get through the next task

+to get your thoughts organized

+find our coffee scrub in our store for extra morning motivation

Our owner and roaster Erin has over 15 years experience in the coffee industry. She wants to teach you how to maximize your coffee experience at home with easy to follow coffee tips. Be sure to look us up on TikTok, Instagram, & YouTube for these free tutorials.

Thank you for being here and supporting our dreams. Our vision is to support you in yours as well.


Top rated coffee beans


Blended to perfection with a smooth body yet satisfying bite. Notes of dark chocolate, citrus and walnut. 


Single Origin from New Guinea and organic. This dark roast offers bold flavor and is our roasters favorite roast. Notes of chocolate, brown sugar, and nut.


Light roast with fruity notes and balanced flavors.  Single Origin from Ethiopia, this incredible roast has even converted some dark roast lovers to the light side. Notes of blueberry, red wine, and white peach 


“Epic Coffee”

“Such incredible depth, caramel notes and oh so smooth. Brilliantly roasted to perfection”

“No creamer needed”

“When I first tried the Old Cal House coffee hot I loved the complexity and richness. Then we made it into cold brew and it was so smooth. No cream needed. That was a first for me.”


“Super Coffee”

“Cancelled my previous subscription as soon as I tried Ascend Roasters for the first time. All of their single origin dark roasts are amazing.”



The team making it all happen. 

Erin Nenow

Owner & Roaster

Tracie & Mike Roesbery


Robert Nenow

Assistant Roaster

Stacey Lopez


Podcast Appearances

In the fifth episode of Season 4, Erin Nenow, Founder & Head Roaster of Ascend Coffee Roasters and the Co-Owner/Manager of Old Cal Coffee House and Eatery joins the show to talk about his coffee journey, live music, and being part of a family business. Old Cal Coffee and Ascend Coffee Roasters are based in San Marcos and Oceanside, California, respectively.

In this week’s episode, Rebecca Jones is joined by the owner of Ascend Coffee Roasters and Old California Coffee House & Eatery, Erin Nenow. Starting off her coffee career at Old Cal Coffee when she was 21, Nenow always knew that she wanted to be a business owner and entrepreneur. She enjoys that her job brings her joy and that she is able to have structured weeks. The women trade stories about hard work and experiences, and Nenow goes in depth about how much the pandemic has impacted our local small businesses.

Our Partners

We are partnered with businesses and organizations of various sizes to provide wholesale pricing and quantity. We pride our selves in being reliable, consistent in our product and helping our partners grow their bottomline. If interested in establishing a wholesale account with us please visit our wholesale page under Coffee Beans. 


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